"Ich habe nur noch Lust, Menschen atmend und mental zu begleiten, die Bock auf das Leben haben und ihre Herzen öffnen!"

Healing together - breathing forever


I am Bernd Schröder and I worked as an LRT (Loving Relationships Training) and Rebirthing Trainer (A.R.T.I) with Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel and the LRT Stuff over 10 years international together. In the early 80´s I was trained by L. Orr. I love the work and the contents of the LRT material and I still use this in all seminars and trainings.

I am one of the founder of the IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) in Sweden.

My favourite seminar, which I present here in Germany is: " Home coming" and "sibling rivaliry for business".

The new seminar, which I created in 2010,  is not a typical german one. The name is "come home" and contain the path from outside of yourself to the inside > your ESSENZ!

It has to do with Rebirthing, family constellations, mental work with metaphsics, bodywork, hot and cold water Rebirthing and a lot of fun for everyone!

h > healing

o > oneness

m > mastery of all the seperations

e > energy of the heart

In the moment we have four professional training (The One year training starts always  in october and in march) in germany and switzerland.

I am open to lead training or seminars again in other cities and countries worldwide.

Please call me!

The gentle giant

Bernd Schröder

contact: info@rebirthing-ausbildung.com

Rebirthing - the indivual healing with yourself!